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Metatec and diCarta Form Alliance

Metatec International (Nasdaq:META) and diCarta Inc. Tuesday (Jan 30) announced a distribution alliance to offer Metatec Express and diCarta Contracts to software publishers seeking a combined solution for contract management and electronic software distribution.

"diCarta Contracts and Metatec Express were both created for customers using online methods to track customer transactions and improve revenue recognition," said Jeffrey F. Tarplin, general manager of the Metatec Internet Products Group. "The value of this partnership is in its ability to offer a complete solution that combines direct distribution of software updates with management and tracking of customer licensing and maintenance agreements."

Metatec International is a leading information distribution company with world headquarters in Dublin, Ohio. Metatec Express is an outsourced web-based software distribution and support service designed to enable business software publishers to quickly and easily release and distribute software updates to global customers online.

diCarta Inc. is an award-winning leader of Internet-based, business-to-business contract and revenue management solutions. diCarta Contracts provides a central repository for contract information that gives customers and suppliers around-the-clock access to the most recent versions of executed contracts and related data. Using diCarta Contracts, customers and suppliers can negotiate each phase of complex agreements simply and efficiently over the Internet, from contract template creation through online negotiation, to workflow approval and execution.

"Software publishers can now use diCarta Contracts coupled with Metatec Express to negotiate, track, and manage revenue and expenditures, and renew software distribution agreements online," said Sanjay Gupta, vice president of business development, diCarta Inc. "Automating and integrating these processes allows companies to maximize revenue, minimize legal and financial risks, eliminate errors and increase the efficiency with which they're able to distribute products."

diCarta and Metatec will be able to offer the suite of services to their respective customers. diCarta's customers include Ariba, Ernst & Young and webMethods. Among Metatec's customers are Tibco, OpenMarket, Mercator Software and Motorola.

diCarta offers the B2B collaborative contract management solution that streamlines the contract lifecycle. diCarta Contracts, a web-based solution, enables enterprises and Internet trading exchanges to collaborate with customers and suppliers on contract terms and conditions, and to increase visibility into revenue management, future obligations and renewals. This allows companies to accelerate contract processes while minimizing legal and financial risk. Using diCarta's Zero-Impact Activation methodology, customers realize system benefits rapidly with minimal organizational impact.

The Metatec Internet Products Group provides outsourced software distribution, support and revenue management services for business on the web. The group's services enable business software publishers and other e-businesses to provide direct release, reliable distribution and tracking of software products over the Internet in order to manage revenue recognition, lower fulfillment costs and improve customer support.

The Metatec Internet Products Group is a strategic business unit of Metatec International, a worldwide information distribution company that integrates supply chain services, Internet-based electronic commerce and secure online information distribution with CD-ROM and DVD manufacturing to provide businesses with a full range of information distribution solutions.

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