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Perfecto Technologies Delivers AppShield for E-Business

Perfecto Technologies, a developer of e-business security software introduced AppShield, a "plug and play" Internet application security solution.

AppShield provides application-level protection against hacker attacks without requiring modifications to either existing applications or third party software (such as web servers) and without delaying time-to-market, the company said.

Financial site Quote.com and PlanetRx.com are among the initial customers.

Because it provides blanket protection against application-level vulnerabilities, AppShield allows e-business application developers to focus their attention on functionality and performance rather than the time consuming process of coding for security, the company said.

Developers can now safely use time saving, but potentially dangerous programming techniques, such as hidden fields and cookies, without compromising security.

In addition, AppShield provides protection against security bugs found in third party applications and code (such as Web servers, scripts and CGIs).

AppShield uses two of Perfecto's core technologies: the Policy Recognition Engine and Adaptive Reduction Technology.

Appshield dynamically recognizes the intended application security policy by analyzing each outbound HTML page on-the-fly. It then enforces compliance with the policy for each incoming HTTP request.

AppShield is available for both the Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows NT platforms. Price points were not disclosed.