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IDT Launches Prepaid Bilingual Internet Service

International Discount Telecommunications Corp. Tuesday unveiled one of the nation's first pre-paid bilingual Internet services.

Nuestra Voz is a full Spanish-to-English pre-paid Internet service designed for bilingual households in the U.S.

"Only 11% of Hispanic households have Internet access, yet 27% have a personal computer at home. Through Nuestra Voz we can bring the Internet to all Hispanic computer users," said Howard Jonas, chief executive officer of IDT.

Unlike other bilingual Internet services, clients can initially purchase a Nuestra Voz software package that includes registration software, bilingual Netscape Communicator, one month of Internet access, and an e-mail address.

After the first month, subscribers can purchase refresher cards at their local retail outlet that will recharge their accounts for one, three or six-months. The ISP offers unlimited Internet access nationwide for less than $10 a month. Customer service and technical support are also part of the bilingual services offered.

Nuestra Voz is modeled after pre-paid calling card marketing. Starter kits and refresher cards will be available at grocery stores, newsstands, and retail outlets around the country this month. Currently, Nuestra Voz is available in the New York metro area.

Jonas added that IDT has utilized the strengths of the company to "take our Internet service and our pre-paid distribution network, to bring an entirely new product to the masses."

IDT' first offered dial-up services in 1994. The company's network is currently comprised of more than 700 points of presence across 46 states. IDT is also an emerging multinational carrier that offers international telecommunications services, Internet access and IP telephony services.