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Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week - April 25 2014

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    April 25, 2014

"Sometimes it takes a crisis to do the right thing"

-Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, told (eWEEK).

"ARIN may experience situations where it can no longer fulfill qualifying IPv4 requests due to a lack of inventory of the desired block size"

-Leslie Nobile, director, Registration Services at ARIN (EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet)

"We are looking for more applications to be able to slide over to run on Power"
-Jim Wasko, director of the Linux Technology Center at IBM (ServerWatch)

"As we talk to customers, one thing is becoming clear, they not only see the value of the software-defined data center, they increasingly believe that this approach will become the model for leading data centers in the world"

-VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger (Datamation)

"You can't predict outcomes"

-Dr. Larry Ponemon (eSecurityPlanet)

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Mozilla Names Andreas Gal New CTO

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    April 24, 2014

andreas galFrom the 'Goodbye Brendan Eich' files:

For as long as I can remember, Brendan Eich was the CTO of Mozilla, then he got appointed CEO and well - things happened and now he's left the building.

In the meantime, there wasn't (AFAIK) a CTO at Mozilla, but that changes today.

Andreas Gal starts as Mozilla's new CTO today.

The last time I spoke with Gal it was in January as part of Mozilla's CES Firefox OS push. Gal is one of the founders of the Boot to Gecko project, which today is known as Firefox OS.

"My new responsibilities at Mozilla include identifying and enabling new technology ideas from across the project, leading technical decision making, and speaking for Mozilla’s vision of the Web," Gal wrote in a blog post.

Gal has big shoes to fill, and I wish him the best of luck and success in his new role at Mozilla.

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Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week - April 18 2014

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    April 18, 2014

"If I already have a security guard at the door, if you discover that the door isn't locking correctly, doesn't that all of a sudden make us vulnerable. You'll get the lock fixed, but my security guard was still defending that door."

-Mike Fey, CTO Intel Security (eWEEK)


"The single most chaotic open-source project out there is still Linux."

-Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst (eWEEK)


"As things mature and settle down a bit with OpenStack, it gets easier, not harder"

-Jim Engates, CTO Rackspace (eWEEK)


"We had strong growth in software, but hardware performance, especially in the U.S. remains challenged"

-Martin Schroeter, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance and Enterprise Transformation at IBM (ServerWatch)


"We believe that Ubuntu has been a great alternative to Windows for years"

-Rick Spencer, vice president of Ubuntu Engineering at Canonical (eWEEK

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OpenStack Nova Gets New Leadership

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    April 11, 2014

openstackFrom the Cloud Compute files:

Time for a changing of the guard in OpenStack.

On March 28, Red Hat developer Russell Bryant announced that he would not be running for re-election at Project Technical Leader (PTL) for OpenStack Nova compute.

Bryant became the Nova PT in April of 2013 - and I remember well seeing him on stage at the OpenStack Portland event.

The new incoming Nova PTL is Rackspace developer Michael Still, whom I also first saw back at OpenStack's Portland event. At the time, Still was a core reviewer in OpenStack and presented a session on how to actually get code into the project.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist