24/7 Media Launches ASP Ad Serving

Online advertising company 24/7 Media Inc. is about to formally launch its first-ever ASP-based ad serving system, complete with a suite of optimization tools, and already has signed its first customer in privately held YellowPages.com.

24/7 said that its “Connect” ASP product, which will formally launch on Nov. 1, is an “end-to-end ad management solution that has the capability to serve more than 1 billion ads per day and a proven reliability rate of well over 99 percent.”

Tuesday the company will announce the release of its OptiProfit Suite, a set of campaign optimization tools that complement 24/7 Connect. The suite “gives Web publishers the ability to fine tune campaigns according to their own business rules so that the best performing ads are accorded the highest priority,” the company said.

The ad server game has been much in the news of late. Just last week DoubleClick’s surprise purchase of L90’s adMonitor and, some say, a clash of egos, caused PubliGroupe’s discussions to sell Real Media to the industry leader to flounder. Meanwhile, several leading Web publishers are up in arms over the prospect of DoubleClick’s near-monopoly over ad serving.

New York-based DoubleClick has said that it plans to port the smaller firm’s clients over to its own DART server. Meanwhile Germany’s ADTECH picked up the AdForce licenses and split with CMGI.

The November launch of 24/7 Connect as an ASP product will mark the product’s expansion into the third-party ASP ad serving business in addition to its service to the company’s network.

The ASP product is designed to offer users “enhanced management of online ad campaigns, more precise targeting and guaranteed customer service,” 24/7 said.

“With 24/7 Connect, we’ve found a level of advanced technology that fully delivers major advertisers the real value proposition of YellowPages.com — opportunities for local, category specific advertising, that has relevance to our 6 million users,” said Dane Madsen, CEO of YellowPages.com. The company replaced an unspecified competing ad server and its own in-house ad-serving system. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

“We have spent years developing and perfecting the 24/7 Connect technology,” said Vivienne Dacey, senior vice president of 24/7 Connect. “Our advanced auto-tagging features allow for quick implementation and Connect’s targeting capabilities are exceptional…”

Features to be included in the OptiProfit suite include tools to deliver the best performing campaigns and creatives first; active campaign prioritization tools to allow for prioritizing the highest-yielding campaigns; a competing ad analysis tool that helps publishers understand which ads will have the greatest impact and where; a newly streamlined, wizard-driven, traffic process that allows clients the ability to control and traffic their campaigns; and QuickAvail, which allows publishers to analyze and make targeting and delivery decisions based on available inventory.

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