2ndWave to Deliver BMC Software Solutions

BMC Software Solutions and 2ndWave, Inc. yesterday announced that 2ndWave will deliver BMC management solutions over the Web via the ASP model, providing direct access to BMC’s PATROL 2000 product line.

According to the companies, this partnership will enable BMC Software to reach IT organizations through an efficient delivery model, 2ndWave’s ASP model.

This is 2ndWave’s second partnership and will provide the company with the opportunity to further expand its suite of IT management solutions offered on a fixed monthly subscription base.

2ndWave, Inc. currently delivers top-tier solutions to a growing customer base, according to the company. The company claims to more efficiently position IT organizations by offloading unnecessary daily administration tasks and enabling the company to manage complexity across internal and co-located IT infrastructures.

Currently, PATROL 2000 is the only solution that addresses all stages of the service level management process.

Bob Seebold, chief executive officer, 2ndWave, believes BMC Software is a natural partner for the company.

“Business are increasingly dependent on enterprise-level apps and technologies to keep operations running around the clock,” he explained. ” By providing 2ndWave customers with direct access to BMC’s PATROL solutions, we will enable organizations to streamline their total business operations for maximum efficiency and ROI.

Brinkley Morse, senior vice president, corporate development, BMC Software Solutions, said the company is pleased that 2ndWave is standardizing on PATROL for delivery via the ASP Model.

“Together, we will be able to reach new customers with the fastest possible deployment and help them to assure the availability, responsiveness and reliability of their business,” Morse said.

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