3Com Rolls Out Specialized Network Consultation

3Com Corporation announced today a suite
of consulting services aimed at offering customers support and expertise on networking solutions.

3Com’s Strategic Network Solutions comprises four separate technical services that include customized support and are designed to complement 3Com’s existing customer support offerings.

The first of the solutions, Network Performance Check, offers on-site
analyses of network traffic, and includes suggestions and strategies for
improving a customer’s local area network performance.

The second offering, Network Installation, provides a customer with 3Com
resources to manage the ordering, testing, delivery, preconfiguration, and
installation of networking devices and hardware.

The third service package, Transcend Network Management Implementation,
features full on-site configuration implementation, guidance, and training
on network applications such as network surveillance, performance, and
fault analysis.

The final solution, Project Management, allows companies to acquire
specialized in-house consultation for customized solutions, including
implementation and network testing as well as post-project reviews.

“With networks that are mission-critical in nature, our large enterprise
customers need to know they are getting consistent high-performance and
minimal downtime,” said Mary Lou Hely, director of Worldwide Service
Marketing for 3Com.

“We have, for some time, been offering a variety of customized professional
services to meet local customer needs. With the introduction of Strategic
Network Solutions we have pre-packaged some of these services to simplify
the purchase process, but we will continue to offer customizable services
to meet unique customer specifications.”

The service suite is available now in North America, Europe, and the
Asia/Pacific Rim region.

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