Aberdeen Launches New Practice

Aberdeen Group, a Boston IT market research firm, has launched an outsourcing infrastructure and services practice.

Analysts will examine traditional outsourcing companies, data centers, hosting firms, and managed service providers, as well as the differing technology needs of
companies, based on size and geographic location.

“IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and resources are drying up,” Aberdeen’s Lisa Perri said. “Thus, outsourcing is becoming almost a necessity for
many businesses.”

By 2005, the hosting services industry will be a $70 billion market, Aberdeen estimates. However, only service providers that improve process and procedure, and
automate and manage complicated IT systems, will attract the attention of the business user.

“Before the dot-com fiasco, many businesses casually purchased outsourced services,” Perri said. “Now, decision-makers must look more carefully at the needs of
their companies and their options as they search for operational partners.”

Aberdeen’s coverage includes the following companies: AboveNet, AT&T, Atesto, BellSouth, Colo.com, Digex, Digital Island, Genuity, HostPro, InFlow, Intira,
Logictier, Loudcloud, NaviSite, Qwest, Silverback Technologies, siteROCK, SmartPipes, StrataSource, Telenisus, Teleplace, Totality, Verio, and XUMA.

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