Agilera Delivers Customizable Browser-Based Interface to Customers

ASP Agilera yesterday unveiled its Extended Enterprise (XE) (TM) and Extended Platform (XP) (TM) offerings.

XE and XP provide Agilera customers and its technology partners with Agilera’s Enterprise View(TM), a customizable browser-based interface providing access to Agilera’s portfolio of enterprise solutions and seamless integration to non-hosted internal systems and other ASPs.

According to the company, Agilera is the first ASP solution to deliver to its customers a tangible interface on their desktop that integrates enterprise applications with legacy systems, providing one clickable view of their business.

“XE and XP offer a flexible launching pad to integrate enterprise solutions, legacy systems and other ASPs into a single platform that can scale to meet a company’s evolving business issues — all through a customizable visual interface,” Paul Rudolph, chairman and chief executive officer, said.

“XE and XP signify a fundamental market shift in the ASP industry. As the ASP industry evolves, we’re seeing a trend away from an application-focused ASP model. Greater importance is being placed on the integrated package of services that enables a company’s IT platform to accommodate, grow and change with new business challenges,” Thomas Holt, chief technical officer, said.

Agilera’s Enterprise View will be available later this month, and will be part of Agilera’s XE and XP platform. SCI Companies, an innovator in the delivery of human resources solutions, is among the first of Agilera’s customers to take advantage of XE’s Enterprise View through its current platform for e-business enterprise applications.

“Agilera’s XE Enterprise View allows us to customize desktop interfaces for various job responsibilities so that our employees only have access to the information they require as they need it,” Henry Hardin, SCI president and founder, said. “XE will enable us to leverage a broad range of powerful business applications and services from a single visual point of access — with no technical implications to our existing infrastructure.”

Agilera’s XE offers customer organizations the ability to extend their current IT systems via Agilera’s ASP model. XE provides an integrated enterprise view of information and application data that is tailored to an end-user’s specific job function.

With XE, customers can adopt the ASP model at their own pace, gaining access to only the applications they desire and tailor their view accordingly to best fit their needs. Companies can also co-brand the Agilera XE view by customizing the interface with their own corporate logo.

XP is an innovative offering aimed at e-business market makers, ISVs, technology VARs, ISPs and technology service providers. It enables Agilera Technology Partners to offer more options to their customers via Agilera’s ASP model.

By utilizing Agilera’s facilities, expertise and market to deliver their applications via Agilera’s network, Technology Partners can minimize their customers’ IT investments and activities so they can focus on core business functions. With XP, the technology provider market can face the challenge of transitioning their business to take advantage of the benefits of an ASP model without risking their existing markets and revenue streams.

Because Agilera keeps pace with technology infrastructure changes and growth, XP eliminates the burden and cost of implementing complex hardware and software infrastructures to support application hosting. Instead, Agilera leverages its widespread ability to test and introduce new technologies before implementing them as part of a customer solution. This offers Agilera Technology Partners a new platform for delivering enhanced services while enabling their customers to stay focused on their core business functions by minimizing the need for IT investments and activities.

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