Agiliti Launches Global Internet Access Service

St. Paul, Minn.-based managed IT services firm Agiliti Inc. on Monday debuted the “Agiliti Global Internet Access Service,” which allows remote and mobile professionals to connect to the Internet and to corporate networks via virtual private network (VPN) over local lines, toll-free numbers, broadband or “Wi-Fi” wireless access.

Agiliti’s solution can be utilized as a standalone product or as part of an integrated suite of services — with remote access as an enabling component of an overall solution. Agiliti can incorporate remote access into several bundled solutions, from a simple VPN with email, to more complex solutions like a VPN with fully managed, hosted servers.

“We wanted to give our customers the best available combination of technology and cost savings, so our people evaluated all the leading alternatives for global access,” said Tom Kieffer, Agiliti’s founder and CEO. “With some 18,000 points of presence in 150 countries, our new service offers more than five times the coverage of other solutions. And it provides more access options — including Wi-Fi, broadband, and ISDN.”

Agiliti teamed up with iPass Inc. of Redwood Shores, CA, and began hosting the solution in June at its tier-one data center in St. Paul. iPass partners with more than 220 network providers to offer more than 18,000 access points in more than 150 countries. Users easily connect to local access points at iPass-enabled airports, hotels, and conference centers using wired and wireless broadband service, as well as dial-up, ISDN, and Personal Handyphone Systems (PHS).

The client software can be deployed on notebooks, PDAs, or desktops across an entire organization. It lets users connect via a list of global access points that can be sorted by country, state, region, city, area code, and/or local telephone number.

Agiliti manages and implements the service on a customized basis for each customer, including integration with existing security infrastructure. XIOtech, a global data storage technology firm based in the Twin Cities, is its first customer for the service.

“With some 200 traveling or remotely located employees, we needed a remote-access service with strong technology, greater coverage, and reduced costs,” said Tom DiPuma, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for XIOtech. “And we needed access options beyond dial-up, including Wi-Fi hotspots and hotel broadband, to allow our mobile users to be more productive while on the road.”

A major benefit of the Agiliti service that DiPuma noted is the inclusion of an integrated VPN solution, for secure employee access to their corporate network while away from the office. “Being able to use the same interface for Internet or VPN access greatly simplifies the end-user experience for our people,” he said. Cost savings was a bonus for XIOtech with the Agiliti Global Internet Access Service. “We’re expecting it will reduce our overall remote access costs by more than 25 percent,” DiPuma added.

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