Akamai, Equinix Team on Network Expansion

By Sean Michael Kerner

Content delivery technology powerhouse Akamai is
pushing ahead with plans to ramp up the power of its globally distributed
content delivery platform, announcing a deal with Equinix to expand in the
United States and Asia.

Financial terms of the deal were not released.

The partnership clears the way for Akamai to expand its content and
applications delivery platform in both the United States and Asia using Equinix’s
network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange

Akamai will directly connect networks via private cross connects at
Equinix’s s Internet hubs. In the Washington, D.C and Silicon Valley areas,
Akamai will also make use of the Equinix GigE Exchange services. This
Equinix service provides a central switching fabric that connects to every
major global

According to Equinix, the service would significantly lower the costs of
traditional data exchange arrangements. The efficiency is achieved by
having all the major networks in a centralized environment as opposed to
establishing point-to-point links with partners from multiple locations.

“A solid infrastructure of network connectivity is essential for the
operation of Akamai’s distributed computing services,” said Peter
Papavasiliou, director of network infrastructure for Akamai, in a statement.
“Akamai contributes in making the Equinix peering fabrics even more valuable
by bringing massive amounts of mission-critical content to the network
access point (NAP).”

Word of Akamai’s network expansion comes as two big name software vendors
are bracing for a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) from
computers infected by the two variants of the mass-mailing MyDoom virus.

The MyDoom virus is programmed to attack the home pages of the SCO Group
and Microsoft over the weekend,
prompting speculation that Akamai will be called in to provide back-up
content delivery services.

In the past, Microsoft has allegedly employed Akamai’s Linux based
content delivery network to thwart DDoS attacks but a spokesperson for
Akamai declined to comment on potential customers.

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