Allegrix Adds Hailstorm to .NET Initiative

Application infrastructure provider (AIP) Allegrix announced plans to add Microsoft’s recently unveiled Hailstorm technologies to its .NET Acceleration Initiative.

“Hailstorm represents one of the most ambitious IT projects ever conceived,” said Chris Clabaugh, president and CEO of Allegrix. “Its success could establish Microsoft and its solution providers as the Internet market leaders for the foreseeable future. Hailstorm provides an integrated services platform that will enable Allegrix to dramatically accelerate the process of delivering software as a service that is globally accessible, yet individually secured.”

Allegrix’s application infrastructure solutions enable ISVs and Microsoft Certified Partners to offer software as a service without business disruption. The Hailstorm technologies will make it much easier for Allegrix to enable its customers to quickly implement Microsoft’s .NET strategy and offer highly integrated software ecosystems.

Many of the business solutions Allegrix hosts for its partners are comprised of multiple, integrated applications. Today, the integration of these applications, or applets, can be both time consuming and complex. Hailstorm dramatically simplifies this process, helping Allegrix and its partners to quickly integrate a complete set of services and information for each user, while reducing the costs and complexities of delivering software as a service.

“Combined with other essential .NET building block service, like Passport, Hailstorm is critical to our and our partners’ success in delivering next- generation Internet applications,” said Clabaugh. “Hailstorm represents a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet delivery of identity-based information.”

Allegrix’s .NET Acceleration Initiative provides what Microsoft Certified Partners and ISVs need today to begin delivering .NET Enterprise Server-based applications as online services. The Allegrix Initiative includes immediate web-enabling of applications and services based on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Platforms, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise.

Allegrix support for other Enterprise Servers in Microsoft’s .NET strategy, such as the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server and the BizTalk 2000 Server, will be deployed mid-year 2001. Support for the other cornerstone elements in the .NET strategy — user experience, building block services and development tools — are also being adopted and promoted to Allegrix’s growing community of users and Microsoft Certified Partners.

The Allegrix .NET Acceleration Initiative also provides Microsoft Certified Partners with their own company-branded application center, a fully scalable data center hosting infrastructure, catalog applications, professional services, 24x7x365 support, and value-added marketing services.

Among these marketing services is the unique Allegrix ASP-in-a-Box business action toolkit which Microsoft and Allegrix have been offering directly to 30,000 Microsoft Certified Partners since December of 2000. By partnering with Allegrix, Microsoft Certified Partners can get everything they need to become ASPs, offer software as a service today, and begin moving toward delivering solutions based on Microsoft’s .NET architecture.

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