AltaVista Adds Yummy Apps

Yummy Interactive Inc. and AltaVista Company Monday (Sept 18) announced a strategic alliance allowing AltaVista to offer visitors gaming, edutainment and productivity software via an ASP solution.

Through the alliance, Yummy Interactive, a new consumer ASP, gains access to AltaVista’s 65 million unique monthly visitors and the ASP position within AltaVista’s technology channel. The Yummy offering is scheduled to be available to AltaVista visitors in October. Yummy Interactive is a privately held corporation based in San Bruno, Calif.

“AltaVista is excited to incorporate Yummy’s popular desktop applications into our tech channel,” said MJ Johnson, AltaVista Tech Channel Manager. “Through our relationship with Yummy, we are creating a true e-commerce revenue stream, and greatly enhancing the online experience of AltaVista users world-wide.”

Yummy believes that the ASP model, previously dominated by the B2B arena, will transform the way that people use their computers and the Internet at home by eliminating much of the complexity, hassle and up-front costs associated with purchasing packaged software. Yummy will be available to anyone with a broadband connection.

“The emergence of software rental will enhance and expand the way that people use PCs by giving them access to a much broader range of applications at a fraction of the cost,” said Nick Mellios, president and CEO of Yummy Interactive.

Through beta agreements Yummy is currently offering PC games and edutainment software from a number of popular software publishers, including Infogrames, Activision, Ripcord Games and Eidos, for free to up to 2,000 users per game. Their offering will also include productivity software from Microsoft, Corel, MGI Software, Red Gorilla and others.

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