Altaworks Tracks Performance in Real Time

Altaworks Corp. has developed a software solution to manage the key indicators of eBusiness infrastructure, including actual, live transaction response times, transaction volume, and Web, application and database server performance metrics.

The company’s flagship product, Altaworks Panorama, delivers a horizontal view of transaction performance across the eBusiness infrastructure. Panorama focuses on the live transaction response time as the red flag for indicating the overall health of the complete eBusiness infrastructure, determining transaction response times of specific eBusiness segments such as total enterprise response time, application server to back-end system response time, and client download response time.

“By monitoring across a customer’s infrastructure, we’re able to give an overall picture of its performance,” Bob Ure, Altaworks director of marketing, told InternetNews. “Other management systems have a silo management approach, where they may have an application manager or a system manager, but nothing monitors transactions across the infrastructure.”

Segmented response times allow quick identification of where to start troubleshooting as well as whether a problem is within the eBusiness enterprise’s realm of control. Tracking a transaction from the web server to the back end and back or from the application server to the database allows for a more granular performance breakdown, Ure said.

In addition, Altaworks Panorama can diagnose performance brownouts with a Root Cause Analysis Engine, which uses statistical processing analysis, time correlation and probability reasoning to identify the causes of transaction response time slowdowns down to the system resource and process level. “It can figure out what metrics move in common, so you can see if an application slowdown correlates with a thrashing database,” Ure said.

Altaworks Panorama can be used by enterprise customers or service providers, like ASPs or MSPs, to monitor their infrastructure. Altaworks targets the financial sector, manufacturing and healthcare as key industries who could benefit from Panorama. “Financial Services stands out as the biggest. The have the most to gain – and the most to lose – from changes in the performance of their infrastructure,” Ure said.

The company today announced it has completed $25.8 million in funding, secured in two parts from institutional and private investors including the lead investors St. Paul Venture Capital, Prism Venture Partners, and YankeeTek Ventures. Proceeds from the funding will be used to expand sales and marketing efforts, customer service and support, and research and development.

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