AOL Dons Fresh Web Face

Fresh from this week’s merger announcement with Time Warner Inc.,
America Online Inc. Wednesday launched a
new look for its flagship Web site.

The redesign features a streamlined interface with enhanced services and
newfangled content. America Online’s (AOL)
access anywhere strategy is a significant part of the Web makeover.

Jonathan Sacks, AOL senior vice president and general manager, said AOL
wanted to make it easier for members to access their e-mail and other
popular services from any personal computer.

“From shopping online to reaching friends instantly around the world to
getting news and information, the site is a destination where both Internet users and AOL members
will conveniently find the services they need most,” Sacks said.

Sacks added that AOL members contributed to the Web site makeover by
letting the firm know which services they use the most.

“Our research shows that our members want to use their AOL e-mail, My
Calendar, AOL Instant Messenger, and other valued features wherever they
are. The new AOL.COM site brings us even closer to our goal of bringing AOL
anywhere,” Sacks said.

AOL’s new features include Web-based e-mail, personal calendars, customized
news services, and improve search functions. AOL’s much maligned
proprietary instant messaging services is now just one click away for users
of this real-time communication assistant.

Jason Seiken, AOL vice president of programming operations, said one-click
access to AOL’s most popular features enhances user Web experience.

“This next generation of the AOL.COM site streamlines the look and feel of
the site, providing enhanced customization and one-click access to the most
popular features.” Seiken said.

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