AOL, Loudcloud Announce E-Commerce Deal

America Online, Inc., is using Loudcloud, Inc., as the preferred provider of AOL’s e-commerce technologies. Under the agreement, Loudcloud will host, manage and maintain the merchant portion of AOL’s QuickCheckout wallet technology and future shopping technologies as part of the suite of infrastructure software services that Loudcloud provides to its customers.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Loudcloud, which was formed in September 1999 by Netscape co-founder Marc Andreesen and former Netscape/AOL executives Ben Horowitz, Tim Howes and In Sik Rhee, allows businesses to outsource all ongoing maintenance and management of their Internet site, including electronic wallet technology.

AOL’s Quick Checkout allows for a more streamlined shopping process and reduces the time required to complete a transaction. Quick Checkout allows a customer to enter routinely requested information, including up to 10 credit cards, billing information and up to 50 shipping addresses.

“Loudcloud has developed an excellent reputation for stability and scalability for e-commerce solutions and expertise in deploying and managing Internet infrastructure,” said Patrick Gates, vice president of e-commerce at the Dulles, Va.-based AOL. “AOL’s Quick Checkout wallet technology and Loudcloud’s software infrastructure services enable a business to better meet the needs of their customers.”

Added Loudcloud’s Howes, “We believe that AOL’s shopping technologies are among the best in the business and are thrilled to be working with AOL to provide merchants with a rock solid outsourcing option for America Online’s advanced e-commerce services such as QuickCheckout.”

AOL is a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL Time Warner Inc. and can be found on the Web at Loudcloud maintains a Web presence at

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