AOL Surpasses 15 Million Members

The Net’s biggest service provider just got bigger. America Online Inc. Wednesday announced that
its worldwide membership has exceeded 15 million.

The sudden boost in membership is largely due to the holiday season. On
Christmas day alone, more new members joined than on any single day in the
company’s history, the company said.

“This record-setting growth — fueled by AOL’s strong brand, unmatched
content and AOL 4.0’s convenience and ease-of-use–continues to accelerate
the global momentum of our service and the medium,” said Steve Case,
America Online’s chairman and chief executive officer.

The corner AOL has on the market is growing at a rapid pace. The company
hit the 14 million member mark in November and gained 1 million
members in approximately one month. A recent report by ZD Market
Intelligence stated that AOL is far larger than other local Internet
service provider, which combined have 13 million members.

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