AOL, Time Warner Cable Team on Broadband

Two Time Warner divisions, AOL and Time Warner Cable are teaming up like they never did before to cross promote each other’s services.

Time Warner Cable and its broadband Road Runner service customers across the U.S will now have access to AOL for Broadband content, as a result of the new arrangement.

On the flip side of the equation, AOL will now also promote the Road Runner High Speed Online Service in tandem with its own AOL for Broadband premium features to its members.

“We’ve explored many opportunities together and the deals we announced today effectively address how we can best work together across broadband content and connectivity opportunities,” AOL spokesperson Cindy Harvey told

“The deals are really a smart way for both companies to work together and to help market each other’s services,” she added.

AOL is also making its new 24 hr on demand Music channel called My MC available to Time Warner Digital Cable subscribers when the service begin this May.

The deal marks a new chapter for the a division that sells broadband Internet connections within the cable group, and AOL, which is working to line up deals with broadband providers in order to increase distribution for its content-rich broadband services.

In September 2003 after mounting losses, and just in time to unveil its new corporate building in New York, Time Warner dropped AOL from its corporate moniker. AOL has been an ongoing source of speculation over whether its corporate parent may spin off the ISP.

AOL’s Chief Executive, Jon Miller, faced the Time Warner directors at the company’s corporate board meeting in order to provide an update on how AOL is managing its costs due to erosion of its dial-up base.

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