Apple Hands Over OSX Remote

Apple Computer Thursday released an updated version of its popular Apple Remote Desktop.

The new software designed for the Mac OS X allows administrators to manage other Mac desktops anywhere on a local network, AirPort wireless network or across the Internet.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based computer maker says it has an immediate appeal for teachers, where Apple has a strong user base.

“Apple Remote Desktop is the easiest way for teachers and administrators to support Mac users in the classroom and remote workgroups,” says Apple senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Philip Schiller. “Powerful features like screen sharing, system monitoring and software installation over AirPort or the Internet make this a ‘must have’ Mac OS X tool for every teacher and administrator.”

For example, Schiller says with the software teachers can view students’ computer screens, perform group demonstrations and help individuals with real-time screen-sharing, text chat and the “request attention” command. System administrators in turn can provide remote assistance, get comprehensive system profiles, reconfigure system settings, distribute software applications and restrict privileges from a central location.

The administration and client system for Apple Remote Desktop requires an Ethernet or AirPort network connection and is designed to run on all Power Mac G4 and G3 computers, including PowerBook G4, PowerBook G3, iMac and iBook.

The administration system runs on Mac OS X version 10.1, or later, and the client version supports Mac OS 8.1 through Mac OS 9.2, and Mac OS X v10.1 and later.

The software goes for $299 (US) for the 10-client edition and $499 (US) for the unlimited client version, with special education pricing also available.

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