ASP Industry Consortium Readies for First International Meeting

With a major focus on going global, the ASP Industry Consortium will hold its first Global Members Meeting outside of the U.S. on May 2, 2000.

“Our goal is to go global and to embrace all of the ASP activity,” Dave Yewell, chair of membership committee, ASP Industry Consortium, said. The upcoming meeting will take place in London.

According to Yewell, the Consortium will alternate the hosting place of the meetings between North America and an international location, placing this year’s summer meeting in North America. “For our third meeting of this year, we are working with the ASP players to put something together in Asia in late October,” he said. “There is a lot of ASP activity in Australia/New Zealand and Hong Kong, and Asia Online is one of the big ASP players.”

The ASP Industry Consortium plans to go from a 25 person Board of Directors to a 40 person board. “This new slate of board members the nominating committee put together represents all the different segments of the ASP model, with movers and shakers from around the world,” Yewell said. The committee narrowed the new list from 103 candidates down to 40.

Yewell told ASP-News that many of the current 25 board members are included in the slated 40 and said the results will be announced May 3.

“As we go global, we have to make sure we have the membership structure and fee schedule that will support the direction and strategy of the Consortium,” Yewell said.

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