Expands to Asia; New Product

DRM software provider yesterday announced its expansion to the Pacific Rim, Japan and Asia. sees the Pacific Rim, Japan and Asia as key areas for the implementation of DRM technology. “Japan and all of Asia are rapidly forging ahead in e-commerce technology,” Larry McArthur, chief executive officer and president, said. “We want to ensure that their digital rights remains secure throughout this process.”

Dr. Michael Brown will act as director of Asian operations, in charge of market development and strategic partnering. He will also oversee and coordinate’s business development in the Asian global region.

Prior to joining, Brown was vice president of Research Institute for Computer Science (RICS) in Tokyo and served as president of RICS International, Inc.

Brown feels is positioned to add value to the technical integration efforts in Japan and the Pacific region

“The advantages we offer in digital content protection, personal privacy and alternate revenue streams can be key advantages in forging a team-centered approach to new technology,” Brown said. “I look forward to introducing DRM to a business culture that can effectively utilize its advantages.”

In other news, the company also announced TrustData Secure e-mail, the latest product in’s TrustData Family of Application Solutions.

TrustData Secure e-mail is designed to meet the demand for secure and private e-mail communications, protecting the privacy of e-mail messages and files attached to messages.

“Today’s e-mail process is not secure enough,” McArthur said. “A single misdirected e-mail with a script attached or a conceptual discussion in an e-mail could spell the difference between success or failure of a hundred million dollar investment.”

According to McArthur, TrustData Source e-mail allows e-mail users to know that e-mails are secure from prying eyes.

TrustData Secure e-mail is the next generation of secure communications systems that integrate DRM into e-mail communications. The system can be used with existing mail clients and transfer agents, using the existing e-mail network as the foundation to integrate secure DRM process and persistent content protection into digital communications, inside and outside an organization.

“DRM based secure e-mail is just the starting point for corporate wide secure, rule based digital communications of valuable corporate content,” McArthur said. “This same technology can be expanded to address issues including process to process communications, non-repudiation, biometric authentication, and it is the standard platform for audio, video protection.”

In addition to the Secure e-mail, the TrustData Family of Application Solutions includes Software Distribution Management, Enterprise Digital Information Management, Telemedical Records Management, Net Based Secure Information Collaboration, B2B and B2C e-commerce and Biometric Authentication.

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