Atomz Leaves Global Mark With Multibyte

Looking to help Web developers, designers and content editors work collaboratively across international Web sites, Atomz, a San Francisco-based ASP that offers Web-native content management systems (CMS), today announced that it has integrated multibyte character support into Atomz Promote and Atomz Publish.

Atomz reports that by adding support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages, its software allows multinational enterprise customers to maintain consistency and common applications throughout their global Web sites. The company says that its product line now supports more than 20 languages.

“By providing a family of products that can be used across all of the major languages of the Web, our customers can achieve greater control over the corporate look and feel of their Internet operations worldwide,” said Steve Kusmer, Atomz’s CEO in a statement released today. “These efficiencies not only enhance their communications, but also save significant development time and expense.”

Atomz Publish and Atomz Promote are designed to provide access to content created in many languages, but stored in a central database. Atomz Search, a site search engine, is designed to supply dictionaries and full-character set encoding for use across international sites.

Atomz points to recent research by Jupiter Research that reports that 69 percent of companies with global sites do not take advantage of a centralized content management infrastructure.

Atomz is listed by ASPnews as a Top 20 Service Provider.

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