Atomz on the Rise

Web service vendor Atomz today announced that market research firm IDC has listd it as an ASP that is poised to move to the forefront of the ASP market.

In its recent report “IDC’s ASP Leadership Grid: Who is Positioned to Win?” IDC named the San Bruno, Calif.-based Atomz as an “Up and Comer.”

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  • IDC identified Atomz as a classic example of a Web-native ASP that appeals to a broad audience and offers software that addresses specific concerns in the Web content market.

    “Atomz has differentiated itself among many because it is a Web-native ASP and a harbinger of the way software components or application services will be developed and delivered in years to come,” said Karen Moser, market analyst, ASP and Internet Services Research at IDC.

    “Web-native applications are a disruptive innovation bringing rapid change to the software industry,” said Steve Kusmer, CEO of Atomz.

    IDC predicts that worldwide spending on ASP services will continue to increase at a healthy rate from just under $1 billion in 2000 to $23 billion in 2005.

    Atomz makes content management and Web site search software for both enterprises and small operations. Atomz Publish Professional
    Atomz Enterprise Search are aimed at larger companies, while its Atomz Publish Express and Atomz Prime Search are aimed at smaller Web sites.

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