Atomz Takes the Express Lane

Atomz Pubish has already made a name for itself by allowing Web developers to create sites that can be easily updated by nontechnical users. With yesterday’s release of Publish Express, the hosted applications developer makes it even easier and more affordable to build sites that anyone can manage.

The content management system is designed with small- and medium-sized businesses — or individual departments in larger companies — in mind. Atomz claims the browser-based interface allows developer to implement a site in hours. The system’s ease of use reduces the costs associated with maintaining and updating a Web site. Those responsible for keepiing the site up to date don’t need to wait for the developers or programmers to make changes and they also need no HTML skills of their own.

Atomz Publish Express is hosted and delivered completely through the Internet so there is no additional hardware or software to buy, install, back up or maintain. Once implemented, authorized users are given control over simple publishing tasks such as adding, modifying and deleting Web content.

Express does lack some of the features of the more advanced Atomz Publish Professional version. For example you can’t schedule publishes or create multiple-page stories. Also, according to the company, technical support for Express is limited to email.

Express is sold either direct from Atomz or through one of its resellers. Prices start at $39 per month for up to 50 files and two users. You should note, though, that a file is an HTML page, an image (e.g., a jpg or gif) a .wav file, and so on. So many users can expect to reach the 50-file limit fairly quickly. There is a one-time $200 setup; however, Atomz has an introductory offer that waives the introductory fee if you purchase the service online. In contrast, the Publish Professional prices start at $10,000 a year.
You can sign up for free 30-day trial of Atomz Publish Express at the Atomz Web site.

This article was reprinted from Application Planet, an INT Media Group site.

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