Atomz Unveils On-Demand Integrated Services

In a move designed to offer broader market-driven services,
Atomz, a San Francisco-based provider of Web-based search and content management applications, today announced what it labels its On-Demand Web Site Solutions.

The services will include three offerings: Atomz Commerce, Atomz Enterprise and Atomz Media & Entertainment and will offer search, content management, promotions, e-marketing and reporting. To date, Atomz has offered Publish, Search, Promote and Alerts as separate services.

Atomz CEO Steve Kusmer describes the integrated services approach as similar to what Microsoft did with disc-based applications. “What we are doing is similar to Microsoft Office.” Kusmer said Microsoft realized that the strength was in the integrated suite not standalone word processors or spreadsheets.

By moving from separate application silos to more turnkey services designed to run a complete Web site operation, “Atomz moves from being a point-product vendor to a provider of comprehensive Web solutions to drive online business strategy,” Kusmer said.

In a related announcement, Atomz also took the wraps off its patent-pending Site-Centered Content Management technology. The goal is to allow people who contribute to or manage Web site content to do so without having to use an unfamiliar content management system (CMS). For example, the features are designed to allow users to access CMS capabilities without having to leave the Web site they need to update.

Users of CMS systems typically must learn to add or update information using an unfamiliar interface in
order to find and change content. To support that theory, Atomz points to a Jupiter Research study that points out that 61 percent of companies still update content manually (i.e., a content producer sends the information to a Web master or someone in the IT department who makes the change), even though a Web
content management system is in place. (Editor’s note: Jupiter Research has the same parent company has this publication.)

According to Atomz, its Site-Centered Content Management looks to remove the barriers to adoption for CMSs by offering the following capabilities:

  • Browse to Edit: Users browse the Web site until they
    see the content that they want to edit or add. There is, according to Atomz, no
    need to login and navigate through a disconnected system.

  • Instant Shortcuts: A single click on an
    icon added to the browser toolbar brings up an interface for
    previewing, editing, viewing history and collaborating.

  • One Click Editing and One Click Publishing: Reducing the number of steps necessary to edit and publish content will increase CMS adoption, according to Atomz.
  • Ad Hoc Collaboration: Content owners and their colleagues
    can use e-mail to
    communicate regarding updates and changes to the Web
    site, while Atomz tracks each communication and maintains a
    complete history and audit trail.

Dan Muse is executive editor of’s Small Business Channel and EarthWeb’s Networking & Communications Channel.

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