Austrian Telco Aids Domestic ASP Market

In a bid to help Austrian software manufacturers sell their solutions in the ASP model, Telekom Austria today announced that its subsidiary Datakom Austria has also taken on an innovative and important role in helping the domestic ASP market.

Partnering with firms including Microsoft, Cisco and Compaq, Datakom Austria has developed an ASP Enabling Platform, an infrastructure in line with Austria’s requirements for domestic ASP solutions.

Datakom Austria says the goal of the platform is to minimize the technical input and financial expenses for both ASPs and end-users. Not only is it targeting software manufacturers but larger firms looking to reduce internal IT expenses through deploying ASP technologies.

The Datakom ASP Enabling Platform offers the following services:

  • network infrastructure including access to the ASP platform
  • Internet connectivity
  • managed firewalls for safe Internet traffic
  • housing on the ASP platform — web server, mail server, e-commerce solutions
  • application provision
  • management and maintenance of the IT and network infrastructure — hardware, software, bandwidths, etc.

Datakom Austria says it can control and guarantee high quality standards to customers for all ASP products through the Platform’s Multi Protocol Layer Switching-based (MPLS) network, which offers nation-wide, blanket coverage.

The Telekom Austria Group has four main business areas: fixed line, mobile communications, data communications, and Internet. Although a leading player in Austria’s telecommunications market, the company also has international operations in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia.

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