Boeing’s Software Subsidiary Launches MainStream 2.2

Boeing’s software subsidiary AeroInfo Systems today unveiled the latest version of its MainStream software system: MainStream 2.2.

Boeing Spokesperson Dick Schleh told that the main difference between the latest version and previous versions is increased speed in data processing and the system’s long-term capabilities.

As regard long-term capabilities, MainStream 2.2 provides an improved maintenance forecasting module for airlines to create a detailed fleet maintenance plan for a 10-year period.

Schleh notes that while Mainstream 2.2 is not a total enterprise system in itself, it can easily be incorporated into an airline’s enterprise system. “It can be deployed quickly as an off-the-shelf product on a company network, or accessed over the Internet via an application service provider”.

According to AeroInfo Systems President Richard Macdonald, MaintStream will help airlines reduce maintenance costs by streamlining the entire range of airline maintenance planning and administration activities. Macdonald points out regulatory reporting, job card definition, work package creation and work flow tracking as some of the key functions that the system will help streamline.

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