Cable & Wireless, Microcast Ink Hosting Pact

Cable & Wireless Tuesday sealed a three-year Internet hosting and wholesale connectivity deal with streaming media firm Microcast
worth $91 million.

Cable & Wireless will provide Microcast with 24 OC-12 lines, or 15 gigabits
per second of Internet connectivity, which will provide enough capacity to
serve up to 250,000 additional simultaneous broadband users.

These lines will
connect Microcast’s video server installations to Cable & Wireless’s (CWZ)
advanced, global IP network.

In addition, Microcast’s Video POPs will be placed in strategic locations
throughout Cable & Wireless’s IP network infrastructure in the United States, allowing faster content delivery to Microcast’s end users.

“Getting valuable content to the edge of the Cable & Wireless network
improves performance and enables emerging streaming content providers like
Microcast to have more efficient access to users of our network,” said Art
Medici, senior vice president of marketing at Cable & Wireless North America.

Microcast provides content partners with a turnkey
video streaming service and also allows advertisers to build one-to-one
relationship marketing capabilities with consumers through live and
archived video programming on demand.

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