CacheFlow Upgrades Caching Servers

CacheFlow said it is upgrading its line of
caching hardware servers with the 500 series, with the new products targeting
Internet connections from between one to four T1 lines.

“From a deployment standpoint, the critical issue is how much
bandwidth a cache can support,” said Kelly Herrell, vice president of
marketing for CacheFlow.

Prices for the servers start at $16,995 for the model 501 which can
support two T1-lines and comes with 9 GB of disk storage and 256 MB of
RAM.. The more advanced Model 502 can support four T1 lines, comes with
18 GB of disk storage and 384 MB of RAM.

The company claims a 75 percent cache hit ratio for the hardware,
using proprietary heuristics. According to its own testing, ISP
customers dialing in at 28.8K saw average Web page response times drop
from 34 seconds to 25 seconds with CacheFlow products.

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