CalTiger Dials Up Net2Phone for Vo-IP in India

Struggling Vo-IP telephone firm Net2Phone, Inc. has struck a deal to power Web telephone services for CalTiger, one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in India.

The New Jersey-based Net2Phone said the deal to put the low-cost Internet Protocol (IP) telephony services in the hands of millions of CalTiger’s subscribers. CalTiger also plans to resell the Net2Phone services directly to calling centers and Internet cafes

Caltiger, which sells a range of Internet-based products, including (Fo-IP service), (unified messaging) and Narrrowcazter (Web-based direct marketing services), said the Net2Phone deal would work on narrowband and broadband network connections to deliver international calls.

“As there is a low density of phone lines per capita in India, the companies believe there are substantial opportunities to market Vo-IP services directly through such venues,” the companies said in a statement, noting that Net2Phone’s software for Internet cafes and calling centers include a hardware/software/service combination that enables flexibility of calling to and from multiple devices such as PCs and IP terminals.

“In India, Net2Phone is building upon its past successes in markets where Vo-IP is deregulated. Working with the top ISPs like CalTiger in these newly deregulated markets allows Net2Phone to provide Vo-IP solutions that will easily allow customers to reach any world market with low-cost calling advantages,” the IDT Corp.-owned Net2Phone added.

Caltiger, based in Calcutta, is looking to cash in on the recent deregulation of voice callings via PCs. From April 1, ISPs in India were allowed to allow voice calling on Internet networks both locally and internationally. The IP telephony service, long on hype but short on quality, is expected to prop up CalTiger’s revenues amidst a worldwide downturn in the online advertising sector.

Joe Silva, CEO of CalTiger, is touting the Net2Phone deal as having the potential to become India’s leading source for international calling services.

CalTiger, a former pioneer of free ISP service in India, has a subscriber base of 725,412.

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