Canadian Telco Designated “Cisco Powered Network”

Sprint Canada has received the “Cisco Powered Network” certification for Internet access and Internet networking services, the first Canadian company recognized by Cisco in this way.

Cisco Systems awards their Cisco Powered Network designation to service providers that deliver “market leading technology, advanced technical support, integrated infrastructure, and high levels of reliable performance.”

Under the Cisco program, Sprint Canada will provide their services based predominantly on Cisco equipment and software.

“By working with Cisco Systems, Sprint Canada has developed a state-of-the-art Internet service that provides our customers with exceptional value and performance,” said Philip Bates, president and CEO of Sprint Canada. “Sprint Canada’s Internet service delivers savings and simplicity to our customers, backed by superior customer support.”

Sprint Canada first began offering Internet backbone services in 1995 and
dial-up Internet services in 1997.

Don Listwin, senior vice president of Cisco’s service provider line of
business, said: “Sprint Canada’s commitment to high-quality services, through
its participation in the Cisco Powered Network program, will assure its
customers that it is delivering some of the most reliable, consistent
Internet services available today.”

Cisco Systems is an international provider of networking technologies for the Internet. Sprint Canada is Canada’s largest alternative long-distance telecommunications company, offering voice, data, and online services nationwide.

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