Center 7 Launches with HotFramework Technology

ASP Center 7 launched yesterday, offering customized e-business, enterprise management and managed storage solutions to companies conducting business online.

The solutions are offered through HotFramework, its own special integration technology.

Kelly Phillipps, president and chief executive officer, described HotFramework to ASP-News. “HotFramework allows us to quickly assemble customized solutions from technology that is already up and running. It also allows our customers to resell any of our services to their customers.”

In that respect, Center 7 is an ASP to ASPs. “Because of the flexibility of this model, our goals center around the use of technologies in the HotFramework and revenue, as opposed to the number of customers,” Phillipps said.

Center 7 draws upon technology from companies including Sun Microsystems, IBM, Oracle, MTI and Netscape.

The company launched with 20 actively engaged clients including IdeaExchange, TheGuyStore, Aqui and LDS Church.

When asked who Center 7 classifies as competition, Phillipps stated that the most obvious competitors would be LoudCloud, Corio and Xuma. “However, they are doing very different things,” she said.

Some of the technologies running in Center 7’s environment are payment services, testing services, storage services, tax services, shopping cart, security services, financial applications and publishing services. Center 7 is also finalizing its complete line of services to include enterprise management and fully managed storage solutions, to launch with the next few weeks.

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