Changepoint Broadens ASP Strategy

Changepoint Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for IT business process automation, today announced that it is expanding its ASP channels to offer a hosted Professional Service Automation (PSA) solution to IT service organizations.

Changepoint has been seeing an increased interest from clients in a hosted application solution, Randy Remme, Changepoint’s CTO, told ASP News. “When we talk to clients and potential clients, they always end the discussion with the same question: ‘How much would it cost for us to buy it, and how much would it cost if you hosted it?'” Remme said. “We realized we need to offer this as a solution.”

Changepoint offers solutions for IT services organizations, including professional service organizations (PSOs), corporate IT departments and IT staffing companies. The “sweet spot” for Changepoint ASP is the small to mid-size market, businesses with 200 to 1000 seats, Remme said. “At that level, it’s a turn-key solution. Because our product is so mature in the space, we can deploy it almost instantly, and adjust it to fit many different needs quickly. There would be very few cases where custom code writing is required.”

One of Changepoint’s first Changepoint ASP customers, Deloitte & Touche’s Pacific Southwest JD Edwards practice, had their critical business functions deployed in 48 hours, Remme said. Customization can be made by Changepoint at implementation, or by the customer via a web-based management console.

In addition to offering a fast “time to value” and reducing the cost barrier to smaller companies, Changepoint’s solution offers a scalable solution that grows with its clients, Remme said. “We offer an attractive exit strategy. As our customers grow and their needs change, they’ll have earned the right to purchase the software outright at an attractive price,” Remme said.

Changepoint also offers a Web-based software and online exchange, This service, launched in May 2000, allows all individuals in the services supply chain to operate and inter-operate across a common framework. For example, it allows a client to give restricted access to their contractors rather than having to allow full access to sensitive areas, Remme said. “It takes the pain out of extranet setup,” he said.

Changepoint has also announced a partnership with Dallas-based PSA aggregator Tiova Inc. to offer its PSA solution as part of a full software suite. “What they offer is a bundled, overall value-add,” Remme said.

Currently offering Changepoint’s PSA software and Great Plains accounting in its platform targeted at professional services organizations, Tiova plans to soon offer Human Resources, knowledge management and online banking solutions, and is in the process of developing its own proprietary software to complement its partner offerings, Bob Pritchard, Tiova co-founder and VP sales, told ASP News.

“Our management team comes from a professional services background,” Pritchard said. “What we’re doing now is building tools we never had when we worked in these companies.”

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