Collaborative Computing: This Changes Everything

A new report by ASP visionary and industry analyst Phil Wainewright declares that collaborative computing is the single most important trend driving ASPs, B2B exchanges, dot-coms and e-business today.

The report, Internet Application Engines, was researched and written by Wainewright, founder and managing editor of Wainewright was following the ASP industry before it even could be classified as an industry. Two years ago, he was the first independent analyst to predict its rapid development and growth. In this report, Wainewright predicts that “Collaborative computing is the new force behind a fundamental change in computing and the way businesses interact externally and internally.”

“Conventional client-server software is yesterday’s technology — computing is moving onto the Internet,” Wainewright said. “This is leading to the evolution of an entirely new, Internet-native computing model based on collaboration between multiple tiers of component services.”

Written for strategists, CEOs, CTOs and CIOs in technology companies, including software vendors, ASPs, Internet infrastructure providers and pure Internet plays, Internet Application Engines describes the convergence of ASPs, Internet services and e-business operations into a single, Internet-based computing model. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to assess and evaluate the impact of new vendor initiatives to build web services and Internet architectures — such as Microsoft’s .NET, launched in June, and Oracle’s Dynamic Services Framework, due to be announced Monday (Dec 11).

“Once computing becomes Internet-resident, the Internet itself becomes the computer. Every individual unit can access resources from anywhere in the global network,” added Wainewright. “To take advantage of this new environment, businesses must radically change the way in which they design their computing systems.”

Internet Application Engines describes how technology companies must develop their products and partner with other vendors in the supply chain to deliver new and improved business services demanded by customers in today’s, and tomorrow’s, Internet computing environment. The report maps out the Internet computing value chain, describing the major types of providers participating in it today and outlining how these businesses need to evolve in order to survive. It goes on to examine the key components of Internet computing and the new architecture that is being created by leading vendors and discusses some of the implications of Internet computing on business strategy and practice.

Topics covered in the report will be discussed at From ISP to ASP, an seminar which takes place Monday (Dec 11) at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Wainewright is the keynote speaker and moderator of this one-day seminar, the first event designed specifically to help Internet access and hosting providers build their ASP businesses.

The report is available to purchase online from the Premium Content section of the website, price £185 (approx $370). is also the home of premium content titles such as the ASP News Review industry newsletter and a series of acclaimed special reports on ASP business and technology trends. In January 2000, the business became part of (Nasdaq: INTM).

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