Comcast Online Launches Broadband Portal

Comcast Online
Monday debuted a new portal specifically aimed at giving
broadband users high-speed access to broadband content, commerce
applications, tools and community resources.

The service will be available via The site provides the
broadband resources for high speed connections, including cable modems,
ISDN, DSL and wireless and satellite Internet services.

Portal features will include multimedia entertainment including video
enhanced shopping, real-time news, live music, multi-player games, virtual
reality tours and live sports. In addition, OnBroadband will offer
information about broadband service providers and hardware manufacturers
and links to consumer software for broadband connections, including video
conferencing and IP telephony.

Business users will be provided with business-to-business e-commerce
resources and other resources.

“This exclusive broadband site will create an exciting new destination
where all high-speed Internet users
can more thoroughly enjoy the incredible variety of broadband content that
currently exists on the world wide Web, but may be overlooked,” said
Richard Rasmus, vice president and
general manager of Comcast @Home. “We believe OnBroadband will become a new
hot spot for all broadband users from Comcast @Home customers to users of
other high-speed Internet services.

“Our goal is to continuously identify the best and most exciting broadband
content and applications that are fragmented across the Internet and
present them in a user-friendly format,” said Gaurav Suri, Comcast Online’s
general manager of content and director of business development.

“There are over a million residential high speed Internet users in the US,
and there will be over 2 million by the end of next year. OnBroadband is
the first comprehensive start page designed specifically for them,” Suri said.

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