Company Targets Multi-Family Housing Market With DirecPC Cable Link

Cable equipment manufacturer Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc.
Wednesday introduced DirecPC Link Internet services.

The cable connection
is capable of providing high-speed cable Internet access for multiple
dwelling units nationwide.

The DPC Link provides users with Internet access speeds three times that of
standard 128-kilobits-per-second ISDN lines. Blonder Tongue said DPC Link creates a cost effective means to provide high-speed cable access at MDUs with 300 or more tenants.

The DPC Link consists of a high performance satellite converter
matched with individual subscriber upconverters. The DPC Link is designed
to receive the Hughes Network Systems
DirecPC satellite Internet services from a single DirecPC antenna and
distribute the signal to multiple subscribers on a MDU distribution system.

After reception, the downlink signal is delivered to the subscriber through
an ordinary fiber optic or coaxial cable connection. The subscriber does
not need a satellite receiver to get the service. The signal is sent
directly through the existing cable to the subscriber upconverter and to a
DirecPC PCI computer card or USB adapter.

James A. Luksch, president and chief executive officer of Blonder Tongue
Laboratories said DirecPC “will give MDU system integrators a compelling
new product offering for their subscribers and should be particularly
attractive to integrators that are marketing themselves as the gateway for
all of their subscribers’ telecommunication needs.”

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