Company to Offer Free Access With No Ads

Free high-speed Internet provider Broadband Digital Group Tuesday
announced a plan to offer free analog Internet access without banner advertising.

BDG is one of the first free access providers to break away from a the
banner ad supported business model to offer free dial-up service with not
strings attached.

The free narrowband service will be made available on a nationwide basis by
April, the same time BDG launches its free Digital Subscriber Line access,
which will remain supported by banner ad revenues.

Ryan Steelberg, BDG president, said the overwhelming response to its free
DSL offer motivated the firm to offer standard dial-up access.

“Providing every consumer with free broadband access, content and services
continues to be Broadband Digital Group’s primary mission, and the
overwhelming response to FreeDSL provided us with the opportunity to
introduce more customers to our company with a high quality dial-up
service,” Steelberg said.

Steelberg added that the addition of BGD’s free dial-up service opens its
marketing venue to a broader range of Internet access consumers.

“By offering a complete suite of Internet applications and services
including, BDG increases its reach with consumers. The new dial-up service
complements FreeDSL by providing free Internet access to more users and
provides FreeDSL users with enhanced connectivity while they are away from
home or office,” Steelberg said.

The dial-up service provides is accessible from local dial-in numbers in
the 48 contiguous United States. Both narrow and broadband offers include
free Web-based e-mail for ubiquitous online correspondence.

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