Con Ed Test Streaming Pipelines With Ambient

Ambient Corporation and Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. announced Tuesday the initiation of the first phase alpha-testing of Ambient’s proprietary Powerline Telecommunications technology (PLT).

The tests are being conducted under the terms of a joint Ambient Corporation/Consolidated Edison pilot project that contemplates the future commercial deployment of Ambient Corp.’s technology over Consolidated Edison’s electric lines. The successful point-to-point, limited distance demonstration, as yet without full network service, was conducted at Consolidated Edison’s Learning Center facility, in Queens, New York on November 20, 2000.

In this test, Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications (PLT) technology successfully carried streaming video, video-conferencing and Internet connectivity over standard electric lines. This proof-of-concept testing is the first stage of alpha demonstration. Further alpha demonstration will involve greater distances and additional consumer and utility services and products.

Ambient Corporation has developed and owns proprietary technology that facilitates the transfer of Internet and high-speed data through ordinary electric powerlines. The same electric wiring that is ordinarily used to transmit electrical power to individual homes and businesses can also be used to transmit high-speed data. Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications (PLT) technology is designed to enable utilities to partner with Ambient in creating a basket of utility and consumer services.

Utility services are expected to include such products as load switching/balancing, alarm monitoring, outage reporting and automatic meter reading. Consumer services may feature Internet, telephony, video-on-demand, content, and smart appliances. Both baskets of services will be achieved using Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications (PLT) technology across electrical powerlines. Further alpha testing to establish the viability of providing large-scale services is scheduled, and beta tests are anticipated by the third or fourth quarter of 2001.

“The promising results achieved yesterday should send a clear message to utilities, consumers and the financial community, that Powerline Telecommunications technology is here, it is real, and full deployment is just a question of time,” said Mark Isaacson CEO of Ambient Corp. “We at Ambient Corporation are the catalyst towards making this technology happen. This is just the beginning of a most exciting journey.”

“This first alpha testing brings Ambient Corporation and Con Edison one step closer to making cost-effective Powerline Telecommunications technology readily available to our customers,” said Joan S. Freilich, Con Edison’s executive vice president and chief financial officer. “Identifying new ways to utilize our extensive electric distribution infrastructure is part of our commitment to meet our communities’ communications needs. We are most pleased to be working with Ambient in this endeavor.”

“We are of course extremely proud of our relationship with Consolidated Edison, our utility partner,” CEO, Mark Isaacson further added. “In the coming weeks we will be announcing the results of similar alpha testing currently being conducted around the US and in Japan, as well as announcing partnerships with other utilities. The positive results of our first phase alpha testing in New York City gives us the confidence, to paraphrase that old song, that ‘if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere.'”

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