Concentric-Covad Alliance Expands DSL Access

Concentric Network
Tuesday announced plans to rollout digital subscriber line
(DSL) services in four U.S. metropolitan markets in a partnership with Covad Communications Co..

Concentric said Tuesday’s announcement was part of its plans to offer DSL

Concentric’s expansion of DSL services in Chicago, Boston, New York,
and Washington, D.C. secured top billing for the company as the nation’s
largest IP-based DSL network of any national Internet Service Provider (ISP).

“The addition of these cities marks the latest milestone in our national
roll-out plan to deploy and support DSL technology,” said Henry R.
Nothhaft, Concentric’s chairman, president and chief executive officer.

The terms of the strategic relationship between Concentric and Covad
include collaborating on marketing programs and product development. The
two companies have been working together since February 1998. The Covad
alliance will play a significant role in Concentric’s plans to expand DSL
service offerings to over 20 U.S. markets this year.

“Concentric and Covad have had a strong relationship for
almost a year now, and we are extremely pleased to move it to a higher
level. We look forward to working closely with Covad to bring low-cost,
high-speed DSL services to individuals, telecommuters, and small and
medium-size businesses, who will be the real winners in this relationship,”
Nothhaft said.

Concentric first launched ConcentricDSL(TM) access to provide “always on”
Internet connections to the West Coast business community in late 1997.

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