Consortium Puts on a New Face

The ASP Industry Consortium today unveiled its newly retooled Web site, designed to help promote end-user adoption by more clearly presenting the ASP value proposition to customers around the world.

The ASPIC Web site contains information to help explain the ASP computing model. But the site also will help present the ASP story in real-life terms by focusing on customer success stories, explained Paula Hunter, chief market strategist of Xevo Corporation and chairman of the ASP Industry Consortium.

“Our research tells us that awareness of ASPs is high,” noted Hunter. “We’re now moving into the next phase of the Consortium’s mission, which is to help drive customer adoption by illustrating the many benefits of ASPs. Our new Web site will be one of the key tools we’ll be using to help in that mission.”

The ASP Industry Consortium web site assists potential ASP end users in finding out more about the different types of ASPs and their offerings, lets them view customer testimonials and success stories, and provides information about choosing the right ASP for their needs. Among the resources available are guides to service level agreements (SLAs), security and an introduction to the ASP model.

Site visitors can also view a full list of members of the ASP Industry Consortium, and ask questions that are answered by experts on the ASP industry. In addition, companies involved in the ASP industry can find out about the benefits of membership in the Consortium.

The site also features a members-only component, where participants are able to work collaboratively online with colleagues on the various committees of the Consortium, post queries to a member forum and access the many deliverables available only to ASPIC members, ranging from comprehensive white papers to commissioned research projects.

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