Corio Debuts CorioNet for ISVs

Enterprise ASP Corio Inc. (Nasdaq:CRIO) Monday (May 7) launched CorioNet, a new service that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer software solutions to enterprises without building an ASP offering themselves.

Through the CorioNet program, ISVs can take advantage of Corio’s infrastructure and operations capabilities in the Corio Intelligent Infrastructure, enabling them to quickly get to market with a managed solution. Two leading software vendors, Docent and Intershop have already signed up to take advantage of Corio’s new hosting service.

“CorioNet is a key enabler for ISVs that want to participate in the growing ASP market,” said George Kadifa, Corio’s president and CEO. “CorioNet enables the ISV and Corio to focus on our respective core competencies. Partners like Docent and Intershop can focus on developing and refining their software, while Corio provides the application and infrastructure services to support the ISV’s ASP solution.”

Corio has invested significant capital and human resources to develop its application and infrastructure management capabilities. Corio manages partnerships across key layers of the IT infrastructure. These technology partners together with Corio’s IT professionals and the process expertise comprise the Corio Intelligent Infrastructure – the IT factory behind CorioNet.

This Infrastructure on Demand enables ISVs to quickly respond to customer and competitive needs requiring them to bring to market a managed application offering. The ISV can also avoid large up-front investment required to internally launch a successful ASP line of business.

Through the CorioNet program, ISVs gain assistance in the managed application selling process, with CorioNet sales tools and Corio’s ASP brand, so that they can gain access to new customer segments. The program provides a “one-stop” service experience for customers, because the ISV maintains the direct relationship with their customers.

E-learning ISV Docent Inc. chose CorioNet to enable its hosted solution. Docent Enterprise, an Internet-based software platform for knowledge exchange, provides the infrastructure for deployment, delivery, management and measurement of eLearning for employees, customers, partners and the extended professional community. Docent currently has five customers powered by Corio – representing a combined total of over 4,000 end-users of its application.

“We needed a scalable solution to accommodate increased demands for a hosted ASP version of our software,” said Karen West, vice president of professional services at Docent. “Corio’s application-first philosophy to infrastructure management has helped us to quickly and efficiently meet our customer requirements so we can maintain a leadership position in our market.”

Intershop Communications (Nasdaq:ISHP) (Neuer Markt: ISH), a provider of e-business solutions, recently selected CorioNet to enable its hosted solution. Intershop’s flagship enterprise product, Enfinity, is an e-commerce platform which uses industry and cross-industry solutions to optimize existing business relationships. Through CorioNet, Corio and Intershop are working on a hosted ASP offering of Enfinity to meet the needs of enterprise customers dedicated to innovating and extending their business channels online.

“By leveraging Corio’s application management infrastructure and operations management expertise, customers can now benefit from our powerful e-business solutions without worrying about the software support and maintenance requirements,” said Stephan Schambach, CEO of Intershop.

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