Corio Layers On Security

Stepping up security for its enterprise applications, Corio, Inc. , the San Carlos, Calif.-based enterprise application service provider (ASP), yesterday introduced a comprehensive security model to protect enterprise applications against cyber attack.

Collaborating with security vendors to provide services in an enterprise ASP environment, Corio is leveraging its security partnerships to create a security ‘multiplier’ effect where partner solutions work closely together to complement and enhance each other.

Corio’s describes the model as a multi-layered approach which integrates a unified security framework with security processes and provides ongoing security awareness program.

The firm says that the time has never been better to recognize the security challenges that face enterprises as they increasingly support collaboration over the Internet and operate on open networks.

“Corio understands the importance of security in this new open network era,” says Mark Milatovich, director of security at Corio. “Our customers come to us for application management excellence and our security services are a foundation to our infrastructure and critical to our business model.”

Corio argues that the new security model helps customers move away from costly security point solutions, that it says can be difficult to deploy and maintain, towards the benefits of mitigated risk for security research and development.

“Security is a critical component of all solutions we deploy throughout our enterprise,” says John Gibb, director of information technology at Corio customer Hitachi America, Ltd. “Corio shares our same proactive approach toward security and differentiates itself in the marketplace by focusing on security as an essential component of its core business model.”

The Corio security model is built on three critical building blocks:

  • Unified security framework over which the technologies and services are delivered. This preventative security foundation integrates key security technologies at all layers, including Counterpane’s Managed Security Monitoring, Entercept for intrusion prevention, intrusion detection and data vaulting at the server, and VIGILANTe for vulnerability assessment and management.

  • Critical security processes to insure quality for secure reference builds and provide metrics for continuous measurement. Achieved through partnerships with security vendors such as Tripwire for file change integrity monitoring.

  • Ongoing security awareness programs that elevate the importance of security and employee responsibility through education. Corio has partnered with Log On Consulting, Inc. to offer an effective curriculum of employee awareness training and interventions.

“Today’s point technology solutions are preventative measures that lay the foundation for enterprise security,” says Melissa Guenther of Log On Consulting, Inc. “Corio’s comprehensive model takes that solution to the next level by addressing the critical human element through an ongoing security awareness program.”

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