CoSine Unveils New IPSG Service Generator

CoSine Communications , which provides managed, network-based IP Service Delivery Platforms, Monday released the latest version of its SHARC Service Generator product.

The platform has a new name – IPSG Service Generator and a new focus. IPSG is a self-contained subsystem for the IPSX 3500 and IPSX 9500 processing switches that allows service providers to deliver intense network services such as firewalls, MPLS/IPSec VPNs, Frame Relay integration services and DSL aggregation at multi-gigabit wire speeds.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company says the price of the unit depends mostly on how much you want to pack into it and the size of the system you want it to work with.

Using a “switch on a blade” design, CoSine’s service generators support a wide-range of interfaces, including multi-gigabit Ethernet and SONET rates up to OC-48. This unique architecture provides unprecedented processing capabilities designed to match the capacity of service providers’ edge transport build outs, and allows them to bundle network-based, value-added services seamlessly with their high-speed access services.

“This product represents the industry’s most efficient processing technology for delivering network-based IP services,” says Cosine’s president and COO Steve Goggiano. “We are excited to be shipping the service generator and are pleased to be able to give carriers such powerful capabilities.”

Goggiano says the revamped IPSG includes CoSine’s new programmable ICs:

– Flow Manager — Provides hardware support for thousands of highly
granular QoS flows using programmable Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and
Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) queuing capabilities

– Virtual Routing Processor — Provides hardware-assisted gigabit rate
forwarding support for up to 4,000 Virtual Routers per IC

– Virtual Service Controller — Provides advanced system memory and
packet transfer control for general purpose packet processing

– Security Manager — Provides hardware-based load-balancing, monitoring
and interfacing to an array of cryptographic co-processors

– Service Generator Fabric — Provides a non-blocking 8-port crossbar
switch with a total aggregated throughput of 51.2 Gbps

The company says each service generator provides general purpose computing horsepower using up to 12-660 MHz PowerPC processors, each capable of sustaining 1200 MIPS of general purpose processing, and can serve tens of thousands of subscriber sites and millions of users as well as their high-speed transactions.

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