CrownPeak Thinks Publishers Are Special

CrownPeak Technology, a Marina Del Rey, Calif.-based content management ASP, today announced the release of Publisher Advantage, a special publishing industry edition of its Advantage CMS product.

The company reports that the edition was developed in response to the specific needs of the publishing industry and includes enhanced capabilities such as greater user manageability and control over content and digital assets, infinitely configurable workflow, improved proofing tools, integration with ad serving components, e-mail newsletter creation and management, performance monitoring, increased report management capabilities and a “content similarity engine.”

“Like almost no other business, professional publishing needs an efficient method to manage content online,” said Jim Howard, CEO, CrownPeak Technology. “We’ve been listening to our publishing clients and continue to improve the functionality and capabilities of Advantage CMS, while staying true to the ASP model.

“Increasingly, there is scant reason to buy a CMS — and every reason to rent,” Howard said. “Publishers are gaining the benefits of an in-house, reliable solution without the expense, the deployment delays and the sheer hassle of a traditional enterprise-level package.”

According to CrownPeak Technology, Publisher Advantage offers the following features:

Editors and content authors will have access to tools that allow an online collaborative editorial process, providing page notations, expanded task management capability, ad hoc routing, parallel and serial approval processes and nesting workflows within the content management system.

Publishers Advantage is designed to provide the capability to proof, monitor and develop usage reports as well as track links across the site. The Link Checker function automatically notifies the client of broken links.

Users can develop ad-hoc reports on any scenario through the Advantage CMS Report Writer, according to the company. Clients can create reports specifying the number of pages, size of pages, images and other statistics to track their online assets. Report Writer is capable of tracking assets recently modified, deleted and added over time, while monitoring performance for every page on the site, based on speed of response. The report module enables clients to set alerts for slow performance and track broken links, internally or externally.

Visual Versioning is designed to enable content authors to visually compare two versions of the same document. Documents are marked with familiar red-lined cross-outs and different colored text for revisions. Real-Time spell checking also offers writers the capability to check spelling against an embedded 250,000-word dictionary, as well as add their own words.

The special version is designed to allow online publishers to assemble and send newsletters as well as monitor and report on available inventory of available e-mail recipients for potential advertisers. Publisher Advantage is also designed to streamline the process renting out newsletter subscriber e-mail lists.

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