CVS Inks Deal with WebEx

WebEx Communications, Inc , a provider of interactive communications infrastructure for business meetings on the Web, today announced pharmaceutical retailer, CVS Corp. , as its new customer.

CVS is using the WebEx Meeting Center service to create better lines of communication with its nationwide regional, district and store managers. WebEx’s multimedia communications infrastructure supports data, voice and video communications allowing CVS users to conduct meetings online, ultimately aiming to save the firm time and money otherwise spent on travel.

“Because of the ROI in decreased travel costs and increased productivity with our internal training program, we now consider WebEx a partner and not just a vendor. We see WebEx as the technology of the future,” says Jeffrey Tomchik, manager of training and development at CVS.

“CVS is a perfect example of how a company can save time and money while increasing productivity using WebEx,” says Praful Shah, vice president of strategic marketing at WebEx Communications.

Founded in 1996, WebEx says because its technology can support a range of data,its able to provide an online environment encouraging the spontaneity and productivity garnered in face-to-face meetings. Its infrastructure is used by over 4,000 businesses largely across the technology industry.

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