Dell, Cisco and U S WEST in ADSL Alliance

Dell Computer Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., and U S WEST Communications today
announced an alliance under which Dell PCs will feature Cisco ADSL modems with connectivity provided by U S WEST.

Under the agreement, which was announced at the Networld + Interop trade show in Las Vegas, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology will be featured on select Dell Dimension XPS desktop personal computers.

ADSL is designed to provide access to the Internet through a single phone line up to 125 times faster than current 56K modems.

The initiative follows an earlier announcement this week by U S
WEST in which the company unveiled plans to roll out its MegaBit ADSL services in 20 cities later this month. Service will be turned on this week in Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City, according to the company.

Eventually U S WEST is scheduled to provide ADSL service in 40 cities throughout 14 states by mid-year. A $40 per month fee will be charged for both residential and business customers.

“This is an industry first in bringing customers lightning fast and
integrated Internet access through both their personal computers and their
phone lines,” said Solomon D. Trujillo, president and CEO of U S WEST
Communications, in a statement. “This initiative brings together three industry leaders to provide affordable, easy-to-use technology that lets a wide range of new customers enjoy the benefits and bandwidth of high-speed networking and computing.”

Cisco said the new venture with Dell and U S WEST will serve to expand its end-to-end, broadband networking solutions efforts, and complements its previous U S WEST partnership to create a national network infrastructure.

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