Did Anybody Order an E-catalog?

Indirect e-procurement Business Service Provider (BSP) Alliente Inc. and catalog creation and content management provider Requisite Technology Inc. today (Dec 12) announced a partnership in which Alliente will offer Requisite’s tools and services to create e-catalogs quickly and accurately for suppliers.

Outsourcing catalog creation to Requisite will allow Alliente to bring suppliers into its e-procurement exchange quickly and easily. Requisite’s catalog content creation and management tools allow suppliers’ current catalogs to be unified into e-catalogs that are easy to maintain and for buyers to navigate.

“Requisite is a market leader in catalog content creation and management, which complements Alliente’s efforts to facilitate supplier enablement and build trusting relationships with quality suppliers,” said Greg Spray, president and CEO for Alliente. “As Alliente’s outsourcing model expands, seamless supplier side coordination will be critical to maintaining the best services, process efficiencies and aggregated pricing for our customers.”

To augment Alliente’s resources and e-procurement solutions, Requisite becomes an Alliente preferred provider of content management services and tools. Alliente will provide suppliers around the world with access to Requisite’s eMerge content management toolset, content creation services and Requisite’s Unifying Structure (RUS), a standard for organizing catalog content across many suppliers, industries, software platforms and languages. Catalogs built in RUS can be loaded into the Ariba B2B Commerce marketplace platform as well as all other e-commerce solutions managed by Alliente.

“Alliente has an advanced business model and the enterprise leadership to propel e-commerce enablement through our growing RUS user base,” said Barbara Mowry, chairman and CEO of Requisite Technology. “Together, we will combine our expertise to more tightly link supplier and buyer organizations around the world in B2B e-commerce.”

Alliente offers enterprise services — such as implementation, consulting, catalog order management, non-catalog procurement, supplier management and e-enablement, and payment services — to manage complete procurement processes. Alliente, a privately held company spun out of Hewlett-Packard Company in February 2000, currently provides e-procurement services to thousands of global users in 17 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Global customers include Hewlett-Packard Co., Agilent Technologies Inc. and Lucent Technologies. Crosspoint Venture Partners, rated by Forbes magazines as the top venture firm from 1997-1999, is a primary investor.

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