Dirig Hopes for Home Run with Fenway

Nashua, N.H.-based application and system management software developer Dirig Software has unveiled its latest management product for application server component management, named after the Boston Red Sox ballpark.

Introduced to the market in January, Fenway is capable of proactively managing a complete eBusiness infrastructure, from front-end Web server, through the application server and its components, to the back-end database, on both Java and Microsoft platforms.

“Since our original announcement earlier this year, the response to Fenway has been tremendous,” Dirig President and CEO Robert Hoyt said at a Fenway launch event last Thursday in Boston. “Industry analysts continue to underscore our position as a first mover with this technology, and our prospects for partners and customers looking to both protect and generate revenue from their eBusiness solutions is larger that ever before.”

ManageIT, a Houston-based Management Service Provider (MSP), is one of the first beta customers of Fenway. Fenway was deployed in the ManageIT Operations Center to offer capabilities in managing multiple applications on both Windows NT and Linux operating systems, integrated into HP OpenView.

“Fenway provides the range of functionality and ease of integration we needed in delivering services to ensure eBusiness performance levels,” said ManageIT President and CEO Jeffrey A. Gibson. “We now have an addition to our suite of service offerings for those customers in need of premium management solutions for transaction-based eBusiness infrastructures.”

Ajunto, another Fenway beta customer, is a collaborative commerce solution provider. Through its IT Automation Software platform and Intelligent Sourcing Service, Ajunto enables organizations to create buy-side and sell-side business webs to drive top-line revenue growth, reduce IT sourcing costs and increase the overall efficiency of how they do business.

Doug Young, Ajunto’s general manager of Technical Operations, also deployed Fenway for monitoring and managing a version of the company’s custom e-commerce platform based on Microsoft Transaction Server as well a Microsoft IIS front-end web server. “Ajunto is a vertical platform leader that has created an innovative online IT sourcing service. Fenway helps ensure that this service is not only available, but also meeting our defined performance standards that lead to successful transactions and a positive customer experience,” added Young.

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