Dirig Introduces PathFinder

Dirig Software, a Nashua, N.H.-based developer of enterprise performance management software, today announced the release of PathFinder, a product designed to automatically identify transaction dependencies across Web servers, application servers and databases.

Dirig reports that the patent-pending technology behind PathFinder will allow IT departments to gather relevant statistics for a Web application-based transaction and aggregates the data to deliver success-to-failure ratios and overall health. PathFinder is designed to not only provide operations staff with “probable cause” identification of failing components, but also presents it in a context of how it directly effects the business transactions.

“Performance management solutions have evolved a great deal in the past 12 -18 months to include in-depth monitoring of application servers and Web applications,” said Bill Gassman, research director at Gartner. “However, enterprises are already looking for the next wave of products that will allow IT operations to visualize how the performance of an application is impacted by its infrastructure.”

PathFinder, according to Dirig, discovers the individual components of a Web application and highlights the relationships and dependencies these components have with other parts of the infrastructure, such as Web servers and databases. IT departments can associate a component malfunction to a specific Web application, and view the order in which components are called helping them to pinpoint the exact cause of a transaction failure without having to sift through a vast amount of unrelated performance data.

“PathFinder is the first and only solution on the market to automatically discover and map the transaction paths across an eBusiness eco-system,” said Dave Wilby, vice president of product marketing for Dirig.

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