Dirig Unveils EBusiness Management Solution

Dirig Software, a developer of leading applications and systems management solutions, today (Jan 8) announced it is developing a new product for managing ebusiness transactions. Code-named Fenway, the product is designed to manage an ebusiness environment from the front-end web server, through the application server to the back-end database on both the Microsoft and Java 2 Enterprise Edition platforms.

Scheduled for an early Q2 release, Fenway is designed specifically for customers with an “e” strategy; whether these companies are brick and mortar with a web presence, a B2B exchange, a pure ebusiness, or an organization that delivers content over the web. Supported platforms include leading application servers such as BEA WebLogic, Allaire JRun, IBM Websphere, Sun-Netscape iPlanet and ATG Dynamo.

“Dirig delivers technologies and solutions that position the company as first movers in application and server management as seen with our customer portal, complete Web UI, thinking thresholds and time-based policies,” explained Robert Hoyt, CEO of Dirig Software. “Fenway sets a new precedent by raising the bar for management of ebusiness infrastructures and continues our leadership role.”

Over the last 30 years, businesses have required management of their infrastructure to manage mainframes (e.g. IBM CICS), client server environments (e.g. BEA Tuxedo), networking hardware (e.g. SNMP via HP OpenView & Aprisma Spectrum), servers (e.g. BMC Patrol), and applications (e.g. Dirig RelyENT & xSPress). Today, application servers demand the same level of management, including the management of the objects and components that process ebusiness transaction requests.

Some examples include verification of credit card transactions, confirming inventory levels, or delivering specific content to an end-user. While some products may address a single area of the ebusiness solution, Fenway addresses the entire process with the detail required for organizations delivering services over the web. In short, Fenway monitors for the events that could lead up to a failure and provide the proactive notification that enables customers to prevent downtime.

Companies are experiencing one of the fundamental shifts in Internet strategies: the inclusion of the web transaction as part of the customer’s overall revenue stream. This puts great emphasis on the importance of managing application servers and their components, as any failure affects the lifeblood of the company – its revenue stream. Fenway is not only the first, but also the best product to proactively manage the infrastructure to prevent any loss of revenue.

Component Management Technology Overview

Fenway is comprised of several different sections, with a major distinction placed upon the type of application server (J2EE or COM+ based). COM+ based application servers will use the Windows NT/2000 event subscriber mechanism to learn about web applications and COM+ objects. J2EE-based application servers will be managed through accessing a series of management servlets designed to reside within the application server. Fenway is a cross-platform and cross-architecture product, which includes monitoring and managing popular Unix, NT, 2000 and Linux platforms running the J2EE and COM+ architectures.

Fenway monitors and manages all aspects of the application server, front-end web server and back-end database. This allows the user to examine statistics from each area including: web server – number of pages requested, error log entries, HTTP response time; application server -connection pool utilization, number of delayed request and number of rollbacks; database – cache hit ratio, table space utilization and physical reads.

Once connected, individual web applications and their components will be automatically discovered, delivering detailed component statistics across Web applications. These new statistics ar

e exposed for thresholding, corrective actions and historical reporting, allowing for virtually uninterrupted ebusiness transactions.

Fenway will have full compatibility with Dirig’s current product offerings. Users of the RelyENT and xSPress solutions can integrate Fenway into their environment, and Fenway customers can extend the e-business solution to their larger infrastructure.

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